Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Favorite Thing This Week

It's a bit of a belated Sunday post (we just got back from our long weekend), but better late than never! It's time for My Favorite Thing this week.

I actually made a special trip while we were in St. Paul to acquire this Favorite Thing. We can't get it locally and we either have to get it while on vacation somewhere that does have it, or get it shipped in the mail. But it's so good that it's hard to resist stocking up when it's available.

Here it is:

That's right, folks. Smoked trout spread from Bullfrog Fish Farm in Menomonie, Wisconsin. If you live within driving distance of Menomonie and have never been there, you are sorely missing out.

Bullfrog Fish Farm is run by Herby Radmann. The farm raises trout from babies to adults (and they will give you the complete tour of the farm by request!) The adults are either processed for sale (in the form of fillets, smoked trout, or their famous smoked trout dip) or released into the farm's spring-fed pond. Visitors to the farm can rent fishing poles and catch their own dinner. Those less motivated (or less lucky) can buy their trout straight from the tank.

Here are a couple pictures from our visit last summer.

I'm not sure if dogs are technically allowed, but we were on our way to central Wisconsin and we couldn't leave ours in the car or at home. They were very kind and let them roam the farm.
The farm's dog, waiting to catch some ducks. Isn't it a pretty  little pond?
The farm is open casually year-round. On Sundays May-September, they do "Hobo Chefin'". The freshly-caught trout is cooked over a hot grill and served with summery sides like corn on the cob, grilled bread, and steamed crayfish, which are caught locally. They also have live music and a beer garden.

Menomonie is a bit of a drive for us to just have dinner. We usually only make it out once a year. So when I can get Herby's trout dip, I buy a lot and freeze it. And I don't share. Don't wait another minute. Go out and buy your own and find out what all the fuss is about.


  1. I'm living in Korea right now (Busan) but my sister-in-law sent me your post - they live and work on the fish farm! Great post, and great blog!

  2. Too funny! What are the odds?

    You're so lucky, we went to Korea for the first time last summer. What a beautiful country.