Wednesday, December 29, 2010

100th Post!! ...and croissants

Wow, who knew Kim Chee Casserole would make it to 100 posts? I'm just as amazed as you are!

To celebrate both my 100th post as well as the New Year, I think it's time for another contest, don't you think?

To enter, just leave an answer to the question below in the "Comments" section of this post:

What was your favorite recipe posted on Kim Chee Casserole in 2010? 

But wait! That's not all! To make this a little more exciting, why not get your friends involved too? Get a buddy to enter the contest and also mention your name, and for each person you get to enter, that will be another entry for you! For example, you get your BFF Trish to enter. She mentions your name in her comment. That means she's entered the contest, and she's also given you an extra chance to win!

Be sure your friend mentions your name in their comment or I won't know who to credit (for example, "Beth told me to enter! We made Pink-Sanded Sugar Cookies together, which was my favorite recipe!")

You can only leave one answer per person, but there's no limit on how many other people you can get to enter the contest. Got fifty friends? If you get them all to enter, that's fifty extra chances for you right there!

Now on to the prize! I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. When I was little, every Sunday we would go to the bakery at the Kahler Hotel (which no longer exists--the bakery that is, not the hotel) and have croissants. If we got there at the right time, the croissants would be warm, and the chocolate in the middle would be just a little gooey. I've been missing those croissants.

So, in honor of that, the winner, chosen completely at random, will receive 15 frozen croissants (or 24 mini croissants) in the mail from Williams-Sonoma! Made by pastry chef Jean-Yves Charon, these croissants are nothing but delicious. The winner will be able to choose from one of the flavors below:


Chocolate croissants!

Chocolate chocolate croissants!

Mini croissants!

The contest will close on Wednesday, January 5, at noon CST. The winner will be announced that evening. Go find your friends and good luck!!


  1. Swedish Meatballs or Grandma's Blonde Brownies!

  2. Yummy pound cake. I like the sugar on the top of the cake.

  3. Third Trimester Chocolate Cake. :)

  4. Tye Die cupcakes!! It is a great way of adding character to a cupcake...especially for a decorating impaired individual like me, oh how I wish I was a world famous baker who can decorate like no tomorrow!

  5. The beer bread! I am not a baker, so the fact that I can bake something and have it taste delicious, and know that it will turn out is amazing to me. :-)

  6. I really liked the Teriyaki Steak, being able to make my own marinade was the best thing ever!! Although honestly any of them involving baking have also been my favorites because I love to bake and it gave me something new to try!