Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Favorite Thing This Week--My Readers!

This week, my favorite thing is my blog readers! Thank you for supporting the blog--whether it be by becoming a follower, or by telling others about it, or by simply checking in once in a while to read or leave a comment. I hope you've enjoyed Kim Chee Casserole so far, and that you continue to do so!

The question to be answered to enter the contest was:

Question: What has been your favorite recipe posted on Kim Chee Casserole so far?

The registered blog follower who was chosen at random by my super high-tech randomizing system was:
So congratulations, Tina! You're the first Kim Chee Casserole winner! Contact me at with your address and whether you want the green or black Kuhn Rikon knife.
Thanks to everyone for playing!

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