Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vanilla Malt Frosting

Hi there! Hope you had a great holiday! We had no snow here--I feel a bit cheated. Do you think I can get a refund on my vacation time? ;)

Here's a bit of recipe revisited. The open house for the curling club came up again, and since my Eight-Ender Stout Cake seemed so popular last year, I decided to make it again. But this time, I frosted it with vanilla malt frosting, which really brought out the boozy qualities of this dense cake!

To make the frosting, I whipped some butter and powdered sugar.

And look! I'm using a new bowl! I got a set of new mixing bowls from an Internet Secret Santa exchange I participated in. Thanks, Secret Santa!

The butter was still a bit cool. Here's a trick if your butter's not creaming and you're supposed to add liquid later in the recipe--add the liquid a bit sooner. It will help soften the butter and make it more manageable.

Malt powder will, of course, add the malty aspect to the frosting.

Whip, whip, whip.

More whipping, with the addition of more half and half.

Vanilla will make your frosting smell like the most delicious vanilla malt ever.

A pinch of salt will enhance the flavor of the frosting.

Try not to lick too much of the frosting off the beaters.

I frosted my completely cooled Eight-Ender Stout Cake.

And, to make it extra festive, I decorated it with Christmas sprinkles.

I'm secretly five years old.

But that's okay! Even a five year old would enjoy this moist, dense cake (I know mine did!) I didn't think it could get any better than with the Vanilla Bean Frosting--but I was wrong. Malt makes all the difference! Try it yourself!

Recipe: Vanilla Malt Frosting

1 1/2 sticks butter, softened
2 1/2 c. powdered sugar
3/4 c. malt powder
1/2 c. half and half
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 tsp. salt

In a large bowl, cream butter until soft. Gradually add powdered sugar and malt powder until completely incorporated. Add half and half, vanilla, and salt; whip until combined and frosting is light and fluffy. Spread on cooled cake.

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