Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Deal #6: Personalized Computer Storage from Pentagon Technology

I remember when I was in high school, and everyone had those Nokia phones. They were super personalized, with flashing buttons, fancy covers, and antenna charms. But in this day and age, where technology is on the simpler, sexier side, it makes a lot more sense to ditch the flash and go the simpler route with simple colors and engravings.

I've gotten at least a couple requests for USB drives for Christmas, and you probably have too. So why go with the boring stuff from the store? Check out Pentagon Technology and their wide range of personalized technological products!

They've got tons of different flash drives--including these neat drives that look like bracelets.

They also have portable flash drives. How nice would that be, to label or color code your external hard drives?

And there are things for the Apple lover in your life, too, including iPad, iPod, and iPhone covers.

And everything can be custom colored and engraved!

The deal below lets you by $50 worth of Pentagon Technology goods for only $25--how perfect is that? Get everyone on your list a personalize stocking stuffer, for a super affordable price!

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