Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Week, Post 2

Today's last-minute Christmas vendor is Racine Danish Kringles in Racine, Wisconsin. I have relatives who live in Racine, and whenever we have a family get-together, they bring a kringle or two.

What, you may be asking, is a kringle?

A kringle is a bit like a giant danish. It's made from a flaky dough, which is wrapped over a fruit, nut, or dessert-y filling and then frosted. It's usually shaped into an oval, but can also just be a straight "stick". Racine Danish Kringles sell 28 different flavors of kringle, including basics like pecan, cinnamon, and cherry, to more complex flavors like chocolate eclair, strawberry cheesecake, and key lime.

The best part about Racine Danish Kringles is that they ship all over the country, and offer several great gift packs, including a Kringle of the Month Club, Kringle and Coffee Gift Sets, a box of 10 kringles, Kringle Gift Boxes, and Kringle Sample Packs. So it's easy to send kringle to those you love. Their website is easy to use and their product is delicous. I would not say no to a Kringle of the Month membership!

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